Step inside our incredibly creative friend Geneva’s abode as she shares her styling tips and favourite DIYs

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You’ve created your own book ~ congratulations! ‘Home Is Where You Make It‘ ~ what does this mean to you?

For me, it’s about how you can create a happy and beautiful home, using your creativity and what you have around you. It’s also about the fact that you can transform any space into a home you want to be in, with a little bit of love and some elbow grease!

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How have you turned your home into a sanctuary?

Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot with paint in our home, and I think it brings so much personality whilst being relatively easy to execute. Even a simply fresh coat of white paint can completely transform a space!

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How would you describe your style?

I’m very eclectic in my style – both at home and in my wardrobe. I like to mix vintage, designer, DIY and just keep it interesting!

Your top 3 styling tips ~ for your home, and for your wardrobe?

1. Mix it up!

2. Pick things you like (rather than trends).

3. When in doubt, go for white.

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What DIY around your home has made the biggest impact on the space or provides you the most enjoyment to see in place? 

I’m really into clay wall hangings at the moment! I made a huge one for the back deck, which was inspired by this one here that I made for our bedroom. These are so easy to make and add such detail and interest to any room.

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Share with us your work from home space…

We recently overhauled our little office at home, and created built-in shelves and a desk using our existing wardrobes. I love this space now! For me it’s important to create a comfortable place to work that is functional but also has little pieces of my interwoven in it. This keeps me motivated and makes me feel creative too!

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What is your favourite DIY of all time?

My site has over 2000 DIYs that I’ve created since I started it in 2009, so it’s tough to choose! But my recent foray into up-cycling vases using terracotta and chalk paint has been so satisfying, particularly seeing so many people get involved in it. {Geneva took over our blog to share this DIY ~ check it out here!}

With love to Geneva
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